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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance:

Fire extinguishers require maintenance to ensure they will work when needed, or are more importantly, safe. Fire extinguishers are pressurised vessels that can explode when corroded or damaged, and have been known to cause serious injury and even death

There are 2 types of maintenance procedures: 

Basic inspection by the user; and

Maintenance by competent person.

We are based in Weymouth, Dorset and cover all of the south west including Devon, Dorset, and Somerset. David and Pete are our principle engineers.

Pete started in the fire protection industry in 2014 and passed the fire extinguisher maintenance examinations in 2015 and 2018. He also holds the NEBOSH fire risk assessing certificate.

David completed all of his examinations in 2018/19 Extinguisher servicing, fire alarm servicing and emergency light servicing 

We cover the Weymouth, Dorset and surrounding areas of

  • Hampshire
  • Devon
  • Somerset 



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1.      British Standard 5306-3 covers the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers, and recommends that “regular visual inspections of all portable fire extinguishers be carried out by the user or user’s representative. The frequency of inspections by the user should be not less than monthly and, when circumstances require, inspections should be carried out more frequently”. 

Inspections should include checks that each extinguisher: 


Is located in the designated place;

Is unobstructed, visible and its operating instructions face outwards;

Has operating instructions which are clean and legible;

Is not obviously damaged;

Has a reading in the operable range or position of any pressure gauge or indicator fitted;

Has seals and tamper indicators which are not broken or missing.

2.      Maintenance should be carried out by a competent person (usually a specialist contractor) 12 months after installation of a new extinguisher, and at 12 monthly intervals thereafter. The following chart shows the basic types & frequency of maintenance: 

Extinguisher type

Basic service

Extended service

Overhaul & recharge

Water & foam


5 yearly




5 yearly





10 yearly


According to BS 5306-6 new fire extinguishers should be commissioned by a competent person

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